Underwater Cartographer (Unique to Dive Aqaba)

Learn the secrets of making accurate underwater maps

Underwater maps can be used for dive briefings, survey work and environmental research. An asset for Divemaster candidates. After all you have to make an underwater map on your course, learn how to do this quickly and accurately. Only available through Dive Aqaba, this program was written by our Course Director, Rod Abbotson. The course helps improve all your diving skills, such as buoyancy control, navigation, pilotage which will help you find your way around without a guide and an invaluable asset for those who aspire to professional ratings and want to become involved in the industry. 2 days 3 dives

This course includes educational materials, instructor fees, transportation to and from the dive site, dive fees and certification, it does not include equipment rental, boat diving fees or accommodation which are optional and can be arranged.