Dry Suit Diver

Find out stay toasty warm and in control on all those long dives In the cooler winter months, it's nice to stay really warm - even here in Aqaba! You'll learn the techniques and procedures for safe dry suit diving. You must bring your own dry suit to complete this course with us or if you are of medium build we can loan you one for the course so you can get the feel of things and see if it is for you before you invest in an expensive suit. Also good if you make long dives on Nitrox, spend lot of time taking underwater photos or start to make long technical dives at greater depths where the water is colder, using trimix (which takes away your body heat more quickly)and requiring long decompression schedules. 1 day 2 dives

Very useful if you start tec diving as some of the dives you make may be two to three hours in length so you would need a dry suit even in the balmy summer months here. If you want to use a dry suit for technical diving you should complete this course and then get at least twenty recreational dives under your belt for using it on a technical dive.

The winter months when the surface temperature is cooler is the ideal time to complete these twenty dives. This is required for a GOOD reason. As the last thing you want to happen on a dive with a long decompression obligation is a feet first buoyant ascent. The idea is to completely learn one skill set at a time to avoid task loading.

This course includes books and materials, instructor fees, transportation to and from dive sites, dive fees, and certification, it does not include equipment rental, dry suit rental, boat diving fees or accommodation which are optional and can be arranged.