Daily Program
2 guided dives US$70.00
2 Days diving Package - The Cheese Cake Efffect US$120.00
Daily Boat Trip US$50.00
Equipment Rental US$35.00
Snorkeling Trip US$30.00
Night Dive US$70.00
1 Guided dive US$35.00
Photographer's Special US$120.00
5 days Winter Package US$440.00
Speciality Courses
AWARE Specialty classroom only US$180.00
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation classroom only US$180.00
AWARE Fish Identification US$180.01
Boat Diver US$350.00
Dive Against Debris (Project AWARE Distinctive) US$280.00
Compressor Systems Orientation US$250.00
Deep Diver US$350.00
Digital Underwater Photographer US$350.00
Drift Diver US$250.00
Dry Suit Diver US$250.00
Enriched Air Diver US$180.00
Equipment Specialist US$180.00
Multi Level Diver US$300.00
Night Diver US$350.00
PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider US$180.00
Peak Performance Buoyancy US$250.00
Reef Diver US$180.00
Research Diver (Unique to Dive Aqaba) US$350.00
Search & Recovery Diver US$420.00
Self Reliant Diver US$350.00
Sidemount Diver US$520.00
Underwater Cartographer (Unique to Dive Aqaba) US$350.00
Underwater Naturalist US$350.00
Underwater Navigator US$420.00
Wreck Diver US$460.00
Diving Courses
Adventure Diver US$420.00
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver US$520.00
PADI Rescue Diver US$600.00
Emergency First Response (including AED) US$180.00
Emergency First Response (including AED & Care for Children) US$220.00
Begginner Courses
Discover Scuba Diving US$130.00
PADI Scuba Diver US$335.00
PADI Open Water Diver US$625.00
Professional Courses
PADI Divemaster Course US$1,000.00
Instructor Development / Assistant Instructor Course US$1,200.00
Specialty Instructor Courses US$200.00
MSDT prep course 5 x Specialty Instructor Courses US$500.00
IDC Staff Instructor Course US$450.00
IDC Staffing
Tec Courses
Discover Tec US$150.00
Tec Basics US$350.00
Tec Sidemount Diver US$700.00
Tec 40 Diver US$1,055.00
Tec 45 Diver US$1,069.98
Tec 50 Diver US$1,150.00
Taiyong Diver US$575.00
Advanced Wreck Diver US$1,100.00
Tec Trimix 65 Diver US$1,350.00
Tec Trimix Diver US$1,700.00
Tec Diving
>EAN41 Deco Tank US$34.96
Full Tec Set Hire US$70.00
Helium Fill Service US$0.20
1 Tec Dive with using twinset US$150.00
<40% Deco Tank US$25.00

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This is a human dive school, for robot diving try terminatorsunderwater.com