Rainbow Reef

The most popular night dive on our coastline! Named because the reef is shaped like a rainbow. It starts at around 6m and drops down to 18m on the top of the reef. A deeper gulley runs down the North side of the reef forming a nice wall along the side of the reef. The is a telecommunications cable that runs over to Egypt running down this gulley. This reef makes a particularly good night dive where you will find Spanish Dancer's and lots of lobsters. Moray eels are out and about as are the lion fish. The reef is covered with a fantastic display of feather stars all colours of the rainbow. So if you want to dive " Rainbow Reef " DO IT AT NIGHT! You can also visit the Cedar Pride wreck which is spectacular at night and found at the deep end of this reef. The dive is accessed from the shore where there is a special kitting up area for divers. Please note that 12 hours notice is required for night dives and Navy personal have to be present when conducting them. Minimum number of divers required is 4.