Diving Equipment

If you would rather not carry a heavy load of luggage while traveling, diving Aqaba offers all sorts of equipment rentals for your use during your stay, we got you covered!


Dive Aqaba invests in durable high quality diving equipment, our gear is well maintained and looked after, you can also check our Equipment Specialist Course if you want to learn more about your diving gear and how to take care of it.

if you are looking at renting out separate diving gear or if you are missing a piece or two, you can rent individual pieces of gear as per the following:

Diving Gear Prices

Item Price in JOD Price in US$
Full Scuba Equipment Set 25.00 35.55
Regulator 7.00 10.00
BCD 7.00 10.00
Full body Wet Suit 7.00 10.00
Shorty Wet Suit 5.00 7.00
Boots 5.00 7.00
Fins 5.00 5.00
Mask 5.00 5.00